About Us

We Are Jini Health

We are an innovative telehealth medication adherence solution provider. Since 2016, we have leveraged our years of experiences and technical expertise in cloud computing and Internet of Things (IOT) technologies to successfully develop and market a simple to implement, easy to use, yet most effective medication adherence solution to our customers.

About Pill Magic

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→ Simple to implement is BETTER

→ Easy to use is BETTER

→ Customizable is BETTER

→ Connecting patients is BETTER

→ Decades of design and marketing experiences in cloud based application, mobile device, and healthcare IT

→ Our goal is to empower the patients

→ Our priority is our customer

→ Simplest to implement- no change to prescription filling process and packaging

→ Easiest to use- just tap the logo

→ Most flexible- customizable to specific medication

→ Best Medication Adherence System available